Influencer Outliner Trimmer White

Influencer Outliner Trimmer White



Babylon PRO’s new lithium outliner. This professional cord/cordless tool features an exposed t-blade with 360 degree views, making this the first of its kind! The perfect tool for edging, lining and other detail work. Welcome to the new gold standard of outliners.

  1. Zero gap t-blade with 360 degree view
  2. High torque, brushless Ferrari designed 7200 RPM motor
  3. Cord/cordless trimmer with lithium ion battery
  4. Speed Setting: 7200rpm
  5. Lithium ion battery with knurled barbell grip
  6. Detent hanging hook
  7. Industrial paint UV coating
  8. Interchangeable cap & taper arm
  9. Charging time: Full charge 3 hours, quick charge 30 minutes
  10. Dual Voltage
  11. 2 year warranty

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